Make Me Beautiful Celebrity Hair Styles For 2008

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Celebrities are in the spotlight nearly every day of their lives. It is up to them to set the trends of clothing, jewelry and hair in 2008. It seems that the celebs have spoken and the number one most chosen hairstyle for fine dress occasions in 2008 is going to be the pull back.The pull back hairstyle refers to any of a wealth of styles where long hair is pulled back to the neckline and captured in some beautiful hair piece. The focus of this style in 2008 with be asymmetrical and non conforming. With the sides of the hair straight and sleek, the back bun will be filled with ringlets of curls. What appear to be small wisps of hair framing in the face, will be purposefully placed there through a careful cutting technique.Hair jewelry will not play a huge part in hairstyles in 2008. It seems Hollywood is taking the green trend and applying it to hair styling, as well. Many pull back hair designs are featuring no hair jewelry at all. The hair seems only to hold itself, as if bound by nature itself.

In 2008, celebrities will be wisping their hairstyles behind them and focusing on what is in front of them. Long hairstyles will be retained for many, with careful wisps cut to frame the face. Nature will abound and hair jewelry will disappear.

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Tips For Easy Weight Loss..FOR REAL!!!!!

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Hi all-

Ok, so 10 tips for easy weight loss…is that possible??? Hmmm..actually, YES!!! Let me be honest here, I am one lazy son of a *&9ch…and I hate exercising and I hate getting my makeup ruined. But, I still managed to lose 40-45 pounds…How did I do that? I will tell you…

1. Go Window Shopping

I walk . I hate walking as an exercise because I feel like I’m being forced to do something I hate to do. So, I walk in the mall. I love the mall. Try mall hopping.

2. Try on Clothes    


 When you go to the store and try on cute outfits and see how chubby you are, and wish you can lose the extra pounds, seeing that cute outfit on you will definitely motivate you to lose the weight (because you see that you dont look half as good as you want to)I take my camera phone and take a picture of myself in the outfit. and it helps me to not “pig out” on bad foods

4. No more junk food

Limit yourself to eating the chocolate, candy, dessert…all the naughty foods

5. Drink aloe vera juice   


6. Get your Vitamins 


 I take Opc 3..which is the most effective antioxidant ever!  You need to replenish and take in vitamins. “Isotonix OPC-3® contains the highest quality ingredients to create the most effective and potent OPC product on the market. Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are bioflavonoids (complex organic plant compounds) found in fruits, vegetables and certain tree barks that provide exceptional nutritional benefits to the human body. The three best sources of OPCs available are in Market America’s OPC-3 — grape seed extract, red wine extract and Pycnogenol® from pine bark. Helps maintain healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins and supports cardiovascular health.*”

7.  Eat Vegetables: FIBER FIBER FIBER


I hate eating vegetables…well, salads, to be exact. So i take complete greens. I take 2 spoons of this stuff (though the taste is HORRIBLE) and i mix it with a cup of ice cold water. It cleans out my system.

8. Use the Scale

I weigh myself in the mornings. People say dont use the scale because it can be discouraging, which is true, but I use the scale to measure how much I’ve gained/lost. Again, if the scale goes up, it could be water weight…

9. Drink Filtered Water

I drink water all the time. Ice cold water is good. I use my water bottle.


You need rest. If you dont sleep at least 6 + hours, chances are, you’ll be grumpy and look for food for comfort. Get your sleep.

If you want more information on the products that I’ve used, email me

All these products are natural. They are nothing but vitamins!!!

So, please stay away from diet pills and all those unhealthyBS weight loss crap.

Or to order the products on here that I’ve mentioned, go to

Peace out, ya’ll!

Kimora Lee Simmons Teamed Up w/ My Make up Line

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This is so exciting! Ms Kimora Lee Simmons now has a line with Motives makeup.

I am so ecstatic about it. The best part is, she has products exclusively only for Motives.

I’m thrilled that she is part of the “team.”

Happy Happy Happy as ever!


5 Minute Makeup To Looking FABULOUS!!!


5 Minute Makeup:

Ok, so for you girls who are lazy but want to still look beautiful, or for the girls who want to cut their time in half on putting on makeup, I’ve put together some steps on putting on makeup in 5 minutes.


This is for the NEUTRAL NATURAL look.


Step 1:


Prepare your eyelid buy putting on primer

*Motives Eye base eye-base.jpg

Step 2:

Take your eye shadow, use neutral colors, like browns, and coppers, a combination that complements everyone’s complexion.

Brighten the eye by applying a lighter shade all over the lid and stay above the lashed, but don’t forget the inner corner (Try Motives Bright eyed girl palette)



Step 3:

Apply the darker color in a windshield wiper motion in the crease


Step 4


Apply mascara.

(Tip: start applying mascara at the base of the lashes and wiggle the wand from the base and pull-up) This creates a clean stroke through the lashes to minimize clumping

*Motives lash longer mascara (for the most sensitive eyes, and it also is hypoallergenic and gives a dramatic lash look)




Step 5:


Blush on blush at the apples of your cheek. No bight red or bright pink. Remember: NEUTRAL!!!

*Try Motives Loose Mineral blush



Step 6:

Put on an ultra sheer gloss so you can apply it and make your lips look sexy.

*Kimora Lee Simmons Goddess Lip Kit



Voila!!! A more beautiful you in 5 minutes.


To buy the products I’ve mentioned, email me at

I can actually get it at a discount rate to save $$$$$

Thanks! 🙂

Are you Hairy? What To Do If You’re Hairy Like a Monkey..

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Some people are lucky that they don’t have hair. But if you’re a girl and you have hair in unwanted places, (moustache, beard, sideburns, legs) Its embarrassing. I’m kinda hairy, and as an Asian, that sucks coz most Asians don’t have any hair at all. God blessed me to have thick hair on my head, and unfortunately, on my legs, too.

So heres some tips on hair removal.

COMBATING UNWANTED FACIAL & BODY HAIR BY DR. PARUL KOLHEIn our liberated era of rising hemlines, plunging necklines, shortened sleeves and sometimes-absent garments– hairiness is no mere facial issue; but a whole body problem. Practicing dermatologist Dr. Parul Kolhe (M.B.B.S, D.D.V) gives her views on combating unwanted hair…

First and foremost – too much hair on a woman – esp. the thick variety on the face and body must be properly investigated. You may be having a hormonal problem or if you’re in your teens – something known as P.C.O.D (Polycystic Ovarian Disease). Get your Thyroid hormones (T3, T4, and TSH), male hormone (Testosterone, D.H.E.A) and female hormones (FSH and LH) levels assessed by a doctor before you conclude that your hirsute-ism is just physiological.

History records ancient Egyptian and Arab civilizations using sugar, honey and lime syrup to strip off body hair and even parlours today, practice this ubiquitous technique of hair removal.

It’s economical, so I still recommend this method. Secondly, it pulls out hair from the roots, so the regrowth time is reasonably long (4 weeks or more).

A certain degree of pain (remember Mel Gibson in the movie “ What Women Wants”), danger of hot wax burns, unsuitability for delicate skin of face and other areas, unhygienic methods or allergic reaction leading to hair follicle infections, pustules and ugly red livers.

Quick Tips
• Insist on disposal strips (e.g.: – cellophane).
• Find a sensible beautician who doesn’t try to boil you alive in bubbling wax.
• Pop a cetzin 10 mg tablet at morning & night the day you wax & slap on lots of ice & ‘caladryl’ lotion immediately afterwards to avoid hives.
• If they still occur apply “Flucort” lotion twice a day. Pus filled boils however will require a full course of antibiotics.

This method is less messy than waxingAdvantages
You can do-it- yourself at home and it is also hygienic.

It is darned sight more painful than waxing and you have to invest in the epilator.

Flat Abs without doing Hundreds of Crunches

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I want nice abs and I thought you had to do hundreds and hundreds of crunches to get that six pack. Well I was on youtube looking for some easy instructional video and found this

Its a pilates version of abs

and then I found this link

I just did it and my stomach hurts like a bitch!

I can “feel the burn.”

Try it.

im going to do sets of this.

What Hair Style Looks Good On Me Part 2

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So, I was thinking, some of you may be on here searching to find the perfect hair style, hair cut, whatever.

and I figured “I should put more info to help you guys out.”

I took this from Hair and thought it was really really helpful

My problem is I have a round charlie brown face…ugh I hate it!!!

but what can i do? I gotta deal with it.

Hairstyles For Round Faces

drewbarry.jpgkellyosborn.jpgRoundFace1A250.jpg (4199 bytes)

There really is no “one perfect hairstyle” for a round shaped face. Many things factor into the total equation. The length of your hair, the texture, your age and lifestyle requirements all play a part in the best style which should be keyed towards you.

There are good general guidelines that you can follow but the best solution is to find a style that works best for you and all your beauty needs.

If your face is definitely round according to the above criteria, the best hairstyles generally include:

1. Layered rather than straight or heavy bangs.

2. Short styles which provide instant height at the crown.

3. Styles that add length under the chin towards the top of the shoulders such as shags.

4. Styles that keep the sides of your hair short or closer to the face.

5. Curls around the crown, but never near the cheeks, to create height. Keep the sides of your hair short with a curly style.

6. Long to very long styles with bangs and a graduated shag or layers so that the face and the neck are given a slenderizing shape.

Styles to Avoid if You have a Round Face

Medium length styles are not a wise choice for round faces; to elongate the face, the hair should continue past the chin or stop above the cheeks. Avoid these other style blunders if you wish to slim a round face:

  • Chunky, heavy bangs only add weight to a round face.
  • Curls next to the cheeks emphasize the roundness.
  • Blunt ends near the cheeks add width to the face shape.
  • Bobs are not recommended because they frequently emphasize cheeks.

What hairstyle looks good on me?

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Dont you hate it when you go to the salon, and you tell the person to cut your hair a certain way, and you get really detailed and even show a pic, but the out come was all wrong???? That’s happened to me a couple of times, damnit! I paid for a damn hair cut that I didnt like and made me look like CRAP!!!

For me, I figured since I’ve lost weight, (went from 165 pounds to 125 pounds), I should try something new. I’ve had the same freakin long hair that’s been layered. Ah, yes, when Jennifer Aniston made it popular in the 90s…damn, that’s one hell of an old hair style but its so nice.

So, I’m having a difficult time trying to find what looks good on me. The bad thing is I have a round face with big cheeks, but the good thing is Im not ugly. So before I go to the beauty salon, I want to make sure that I look “cute” with the new hair cut, style, color, whatever.

I went on line and found these websites to decide which hairstyles look good on me. —(you can actually try on clothes here, too)

You can actually upload your picture and customize it and adjust it to make the model look just like you, and what’s even more cool is that you can try on clothes from different stores and see how it looks on you.

And ITS FREE!!!!!

try it. Im having fun with mine. I even have the cosmopolitan virtual makeover but it’s from a couple of years ago. These sites are more updated.


Skincare: The 4 Most Common Mistakes/ Find Your Skin Type

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Not every one knows about skin care. Yes, we know we’re supposed to wash our face, and moisturize, but there’s way more to skin care than just that.
Here are the 4 of the most common mistakes that women do when taking care of their skin.

Mistake 1 Washing your face with your body soap

Soaps dry your skin. It’s true that they make the skin absolutely clean and bright, they remove the blackheads, but the true is that the soap harms your skin. The soap stimulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which means more blackheads formation after every cleansing.
You had better use a tonic, cleansing lotion or gels that are specially designed for facial cleansing.

Mistake 2 Not removing the makeup in the evening
There is no need to say how harmful this is for your skin – the deep-rooted during the day dust, powder, mascara, makeup and the natural skin secretions remain on the skin during the whole night and the result is a sad consequences – clogged pores, pimples formation, acceleration of oils and most importantly your skin cannot” breathe” .
The reason for not removing the makeup usually is the late going to bed. That’s why you should keep a pack of wet cleansing wipes on your bedside table or you can simple remove the makeup earlier. Cleanse the face with cleansing milk, tonic or gel, apply night cream and enjoy a calm night.
It’s the same and for the boys – the facial cleansing isn’t just for the girls.

Mistake 3Not applying eye cream
The eye area is the first to show any signs of ageing. In this area the skin is most delicate and forms wrinkles easily. Applying an eye cream is especially essential for those over 25. That’s why you should choose appropriate for you eye cream and apply it both in the morning and in the evening

Mistake 4 Not using the right type of skincare cleanser
Before you put any thing on your face, try to find out what skin type you are. Are you oily, dry, combination? It’s extremely important to decipher what your skin type is because you don’t want to risk getting a break out on your face.

To Find out Whats your Skin Type:

Dry Skin: Skin feels tight and dry
No oily t-zone
Skin shows signs of photoageing- wrinkles
Skin may feel flaky or rough
Skin tends to be thin and appears dull

Normal to Dry Skin: Cheeks are dry and skin sometimes feels tight
Minimal oily t-zone, usually on nose only
Skin gets dehydrated
Small blackheads are visible on nose & chin

 Normal to Oily Skin:  Cheeks may be oily or dry
T-zone gets oily by the end of the day
Skin is dehydrated with some dead skin build up
Small blackheads in t-zone
Occasional breakouts

Oily:  Cheeks or face are oily with open pores
T-zone gets oily within hours after cleansing
Bumps under the surface of the skin with dead skin build up
Visible blackheads
Frequent breakouts
Skin tends to be thicker

Acne:   Face is oily soon after cleansing
Could be a mature skin that was once oily
Visible blackheads, whiteheads and open pores
There may be inflammatory lesions and scarring
Problems may also occur on the neck, back or chest
Skin may get red

Sensitive:       Has trouble with environmental factors
Skin reacts to sun, temperature extremes, cosmetics, perfumes etc
May experience rashes, burning sensations and be easily irritated
Has permanent diffused redness particularly on nose, chin & cheeks
Skin tends to be thin and may scar easily
Shows signs of ageing
Can be congested and blemished

 I’ve tried everything from Pond’s to Prescriptives to Proactive products…I’ve tried alot just so I can find something accomadating to my skin. I have combination skin (sometimes dry and oily) and yes, I do break out. I have the most sensitive skin EVER!!!But I’ve found one product that helps me

 The picture above shows a five-piece set of Skintelligence, which is the perfect way to build a lasting foundation for beautiful skin that will last a lifetime. Includes Hydra Derm Deep-Cleansing Emulsion, pH Skin Normalizer, Daily Moisture Enhancer, Cellular Perfecting Complex and Facial Firming Masque. I wear this under my makeup, and it doesn’t give that “sweaty” look that you get after a long day of wearing foundation.  This is by far, the best facial products that I’ve found for sensitive skin. Of course, every one’s skin is different. You just have to find something that suits yours.