Spring 2008 Fashion Trends

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green-shirt.jpgembellished-halter-brown.jpgBright colored blouses are in

So, I’m really into fashion trends and i can honestly tell you that even though I’m broke, I still have enough money to splurge to still be in “fashion.” I dont go out to Neiman Marcus and buy whatever I see on the runway…instead, I try to find knock offs. I try to replicate the style by going to less expensive stores and imitating the same look.

 What’s in style now?

Bold and Bright colors.

 The first picture on the left is one of my favorite shirts. This is the kind of shirt that is says you’re sweet and innocent. Not only that, but it hides your tummy rolls..hehe.  and I love love love the way the shirt is designed at the top of the shoulders. Very sexy, very cute! For $29.95 at Lerners, its not a bad price.

The second pic is classy and sexy. You can wear it during the day and make it look especially flirty at night time. Its hot! Only $29.95 at Lerners.

Then, the last picture on the right is a fun care-free shirt. Look at this beautiful yellow, green, and black top. It doesn’t look that great, but hey, when I tried it on, I actually liked it. I even have flabby arms (girls, you should know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, consider yourselves LUCKY!) and because this shirt is bright and the collar bone is my visible, it actually flatters your chubby arms. Its a must have!

 Well, I will get back to you…till then, see ya!


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