What Hair Style Looks Good On Me Part 2

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So, I was thinking, some of you may be on here searching to find the perfect hair style, hair cut, whatever.

and I figured “I should put more info to help you guys out.”

I took this from Hair Botique.com and thought it was really really helpful

My problem is I have a round charlie brown face…ugh I hate it!!!

but what can i do? I gotta deal with it.

Hairstyles For Round Faces

drewbarry.jpgkellyosborn.jpgRoundFace1A250.jpg (4199 bytes)

There really is no “one perfect hairstyle” for a round shaped face. Many things factor into the total equation. The length of your hair, the texture, your age and lifestyle requirements all play a part in the best style which should be keyed towards you.

There are good general guidelines that you can follow but the best solution is to find a style that works best for you and all your beauty needs.

If your face is definitely round according to the above criteria, the best hairstyles generally include:

1. Layered rather than straight or heavy bangs.

2. Short styles which provide instant height at the crown.

3. Styles that add length under the chin towards the top of the shoulders such as shags.

4. Styles that keep the sides of your hair short or closer to the face.

5. Curls around the crown, but never near the cheeks, to create height. Keep the sides of your hair short with a curly style.

6. Long to very long styles with bangs and a graduated shag or layers so that the face and the neck are given a slenderizing shape.

Styles to Avoid if You have a Round Face

Medium length styles are not a wise choice for round faces; to elongate the face, the hair should continue past the chin or stop above the cheeks. Avoid these other style blunders if you wish to slim a round face:

  • Chunky, heavy bangs only add weight to a round face.
  • Curls next to the cheeks emphasize the roundness.
  • Blunt ends near the cheeks add width to the face shape.
  • Bobs are not recommended because they frequently emphasize cheeks.

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