5 Minute Makeup To Looking FABULOUS!!!


5 Minute Makeup:

Ok, so for you girls who are lazy but want to still look beautiful, or for the girls who want to cut their time in half on putting on makeup, I’ve put together some steps on putting on makeup in 5 minutes.


This is for the NEUTRAL NATURAL look.


Step 1:


Prepare your eyelid buy putting on primer

*Motives Eye base eye-base.jpg

Step 2:

Take your eye shadow, use neutral colors, like browns, and coppers, a combination that complements everyone’s complexion.

Brighten the eye by applying a lighter shade all over the lid and stay above the lashed, but don’t forget the inner corner (Try Motives Bright eyed girl palette)



Step 3:

Apply the darker color in a windshield wiper motion in the crease


Step 4


Apply mascara.

(Tip: start applying mascara at the base of the lashes and wiggle the wand from the base and pull-up) This creates a clean stroke through the lashes to minimize clumping

*Motives lash longer mascara (for the most sensitive eyes, and it also is hypoallergenic and gives a dramatic lash look)




Step 5:


Blush on blush at the apples of your cheek. No bight red or bright pink. Remember: NEUTRAL!!!

*Try Motives Loose Mineral blush



Step 6:

Put on an ultra sheer gloss so you can apply it and make your lips look sexy.

*Kimora Lee Simmons Goddess Lip Kit



Voila!!! A more beautiful you in 5 minutes.


To buy the products I’ve mentioned, email me at


I can actually get it at a discount rate to save $$$$$

Thanks! 🙂


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