2010 Hair Trends….What Looks Good on You

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Did you wake up this morning, looked in the mirror and say to yourself, “my god, my hair sucks!”?  lol. I did. I have long straight hair. Sometimes i dye it, bleach it, cut it, and the truth is, it’s been the same style for the past 10 years. Yes, I am one of those victims who’ve fallen pray to Jeniffer Aniston’s infamous “Friends” hair cut. I mean, it’s cute and all, but I need a change.

When I leave the salon, it looks like this, but sometimes, I’ll get lazy and just let it grow out.

So anyway, next month (when I get paid), I’ve decided to make an appointment with my stylist for a fresh new 2010 hair do.

But now, my mind is all over the place…what color? should I bleach it? How short should i cut it? Will the hair cut make my face look more round? should I have bangs? UGH!!!! The torture of trying to find out what type of hair cut i should get. I tend to be a bit dramatic when it comes to my hair because, after all, Im going to be stuck with it for a while until it grows out.

Now that it’s Summer,  lighter hair seems to be in, and of course, as winter approaches, you’d want to go for a darker tone.

Ladies, look no further…I’ve compiled some pics of trendy hairstyles for 2010

This bob looks great on someone who has a wide round face (like me) and needs to cover some extra baby cheeks. It’s professional and cute, but it does require some maintenance. You have to visit the salon quite often to trim the bangs and bob.

I love this long pony tail hair look because it’s sexy and has that classic look to it. You can wear this hair at a formal event. It’s number one on my list of up do’s.

Below are 4 trendy hair styles that would look great on any type of face shape.

My most favorite 2010 hair style , in which I am going to have for myself is this:

Well, keep coming back for more updates. I will be adding more posts.

So, remember, before going to the salon and asking your stylist what hair cut would look better on you, first define your face shape, if it’s oval, round, long, oblong, whatever. Then assess whether you want short , medium, or long hair. Look in magazines to get ideas, clip the picture and bring it to your stylist.Good Luck! Let me know what hair style you’ve decided to go with!