Best Makeup For Summer Heat



There is nothing worse than walking around with your makeup sweating and of course, someone ends up taking your picture. Not only do you feel a bit dirty, but you feel icky and sticky, and gross.

Not too long ago, I met my  boyfriend’s family for the first time in Sacramento. If you’re not familiar with Sacramento, it’s about 105 degrees and it’s HOT…not just HOT, but HOTTTT. I wanted to look semi-decent but my falsies (fake lashes) were falling off, and my powder and eye shadow started running and within 2 hours of being in the heat, I looked as if someone punched my eyes. Totally NOT cute! and I was drenched in sweat. Not Whitney Houston sweaty but almost as bad.

Well, ladies, (and gentlemen), you CAN wear makeup in the heat and still look good. Here are some tips to prevent you from having runny makeup:

1. Use primer

2. Stay away from heavy based foundation makeup .

3. Apply  a light oil free foundation  or skip the foundation and put cover up under eyes

4. avoid wearing mascara and eyeliner (if you must, wear false lashes but crimp your eyelashes)

5. Carry oil blotting tissue paper and blot when necessary

Hope these tips help. Have a great