2015 <3 <3 I Promise To Love Me For Me <3 <3


Well, it’s been several years since I’ve had this site and A LOT has changed. I have a new bf of almost 4 years that I am still dating (amazing since I get tired of people easily) whom I’ve just moved in with, I am no longer at my Marketing job where I traveled often, I gained 40 pounds, I’ve done a handful of marathons, and I have a new cat. Now, on to the current stuff….

I am temporarily unemployed and I have time for myself to blog, workout, and think about me.

Every freakin New Years, I always say to myself “I will lose weight, I will become healthier, I will live a better lifestyle, I won’t be so judgemental, I’ll be more accepting,” blah blah blah…

This year, I’ve decided to STOP with the whole diet promise. I promise to love myself more, become my own best friend, and stop criticizing myself in the worst way possible. It takes a lot to accept yourself so for me, even acknowledging that I am pretty with or without makeup, or even that I am as intelligent as others, it is a big deal.

My total inspiration for loving me just the way I am is through Whitney Thore. She’s the over weight supersized chick that has her own series on TLC “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” and she records her life on losing weight derived from much determination and motivation. She definitely is ambitious, funny, and her charismatic approach to life is real.

So, thank you , Whitney, for bringing that positive energy to me and all the other millions of people out there that know the struggles of weight loss and insecurities.