About me: Joy

Me being silly on Halloween. I made the costume....took me a couple of hours...woohoo! Im gifted

Me being silly on Halloween. I made the costume….took me a couple of hours…woohoo! Im gifted

I love makeup, I love fashion, and I love to shop! I’m just enjoying life, working full time, already done with school(graduated from SF State in Business ), and now Im just here to share with the world what I love- MAKEUP AND FASHION!!!  I can’t tell you how much I love reading beauty magazines, how much I love going to the stores, and bargain hunting. I will be posting videos on makeup tutorials and fashion. I’m not a fashion expert, but hey, I am obsessed with it enough to write about it.

I do makeup on the side, which is my one true passion of all, and I love fashion. I am in San Francisco.

I also have another blog about running. Just recently, I’ve taken it upon myself to lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and become more active. You can view it here :



2 thoughts on “About me: Joy

  1. This is a good web, its good to hav people who love to share this kind of things with other…
    ” I’m not a fashion expert…” ~ maybe, for now. But who knows later?…perhaps this is your first step to become one…wish u all the best joy! 🙂

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