Fashion Look of The Day ARMANI EXCHANGE

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Look out weekend …Here I come.

Again, I was surfing the net at clothes, like I always do, and I came across this look. I went to Armani’s website, and I was like “Damn, I love that outfit.”


From Armani’s website,


  • Mesh Sleeveless shirt: $78
  • Indigo Pencil skirt: $88
  • Woven Leather belt: $48

But I figured, man, $214 is pretty darn expensive.

So, my challenge was to find something similar to this look but a lower price.


So check this out: Starting from Left to Right:

  • Forever 21 sexy sequin top: $24.80
  • Forever 21 cassis tunic top: $27.80
  • Belt: Forever 21 $7.80
  • Sierra Trading Post jean skirt: $22.95

Total of $ 55.50- $58.50
Total savings of : $155.45….

Pretty darn good, DONT YOU THINK???

Now, just to be clear, I’m not here to advertise or sell anything. I don’t represent anyone, any company, nothing.

I’m just doing this to show others what I love to do and what I find fun.

    Splurge, Splurge, SPLURGE!!!! Fashion , baby, FASHION!!!

    bargain, beauty, clothes, fashion, makeup, slim, spring fashion, tips, trends, Uncategorized, weightloss

    express-top.jpgThis top is really cute from Express, but its $49.50

    And then I tried to find another top that was almost the same but less expensive. and I got this

    forever-21-top.jpg  Forever 21 $27.80

    Ok I dont know whats up with the title, but hey, i was online looking at some cute ass tops (coz I love dressing up and finding a better deal is what excites me!)

    This is what I love to do: find cute tops from my fave stores and then go to another store and replicate the same thing.