Whats in Fashion for 2008: Hair, Makeup, Trends, Oh my!!!

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2007 was such a big year for hair trends that it’s not too hard to see why so many hair trends in 2008 might feel familiar. While 2007 introduced us to the pob, it’ll be its cousin the bob that we’ll be wearing in 2008. And it’s much the same story with the fringe trend: it was already with us at the start of 2007, had lost popularity by mid-year, but was brought back by Kate Moss in a completely new way.

This year hair trends will range from crops to natural long tresses, with cute bobs in-between. We’ll also be wearing various shapes of feminine, masculine, and elegant to name but a few, all taking their cues from the same eras as their parent clothing trends.

We saw plenty of the fringe at the start of 2007, and then somewhere in the first half of the year it simply lost its buzz. Then, as the year drew to a close, it became a certain hair trend for 2008 when hypermodel Kate Moss got a fringe. What’s best is that as a trend, you’re going to have plenty of options to make it your own.