How To Apply Foundation

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How to Apply Foundation  With a clean face, cleanse, tone and moisturize.Apply primer. Apply foundation to freshly moisturized skin to ensure you have a perfect base on which to work.Then, I use a cosmetic sponge to apply most types of foundation –Try not using your fingertips which results in an uneven, greasy finish.Apply foundation in dots, then blend each one with your sponge.Dampen the sponge first of all, then squeeze out the excess moisture – this will prevent the sponge from soaking up too much costly foundation.Check for tidemarks on your jawline, nose, forehead and chin.Choose a color only one shade lighter than your skin tone for the most natural look. You will get best results if you use a flat brush to apply the cream into the hollows of the shadow and then gradually blend it into the rest of your makeup.Then apply some powder to finish it off. Loose powder is great!

Weight loss with Aloe Vera Juice, and What It Can Do For You!

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I drink aloe vera juice to help me with constipation, diarrhea, and it’s also good for any type of gastrointestinal disorder. But another great benefit of the aloe vera juice is that it helped me to lose weight. I drink aloe vera juice EVERY DAY…and some of you may think it’s nasty, horrid, tastes like crap, or makes you go poo, but the Aloe vera juice that I take has Studies which have suggested that aloe, when consumed orally, imparts a wealth of health benefits, including aiding digestion and supporting the immune system. Ultimate Aloe® Juice is a rejuvenating tonic made from 100 percent aloe vera, 50 percent aloe concentrated powder, more than 200 nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, including 13 of the 17 essential minerals needed for good nutrition. Supports a healthy digestive tract and promotes regularity within the bowel. Comes in natural aloe flavor, cranberry-apple, strawberry-kiwi, and pomegranate.*

I drink the pomegranate, and again, this helped me to also lose the 40-45 pounds.

I went from a size 14 to a size 5-6…and I LOVE IT!!!

Not only is my digestive system feeling better, but i lost weight, and I feel sexy as a mofo..hehe

You can only buy this kind of aloe vera juice through market america, so

go to

and purchase it. Im telling you the truth..i lost weight from drinking this stuff.

Skincare: The 4 Most Common Mistakes/ Find Your Skin Type

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Not every one knows about skin care. Yes, we know we’re supposed to wash our face, and moisturize, but there’s way more to skin care than just that.
Here are the 4 of the most common mistakes that women do when taking care of their skin.

Mistake 1 Washing your face with your body soap

Soaps dry your skin. It’s true that they make the skin absolutely clean and bright, they remove the blackheads, but the true is that the soap harms your skin. The soap stimulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which means more blackheads formation after every cleansing.
You had better use a tonic, cleansing lotion or gels that are specially designed for facial cleansing.

Mistake 2 Not removing the makeup in the evening
There is no need to say how harmful this is for your skin – the deep-rooted during the day dust, powder, mascara, makeup and the natural skin secretions remain on the skin during the whole night and the result is a sad consequences – clogged pores, pimples formation, acceleration of oils and most importantly your skin cannot” breathe” .
The reason for not removing the makeup usually is the late going to bed. That’s why you should keep a pack of wet cleansing wipes on your bedside table or you can simple remove the makeup earlier. Cleanse the face with cleansing milk, tonic or gel, apply night cream and enjoy a calm night.
It’s the same and for the boys – the facial cleansing isn’t just for the girls.

Mistake 3Not applying eye cream
The eye area is the first to show any signs of ageing. In this area the skin is most delicate and forms wrinkles easily. Applying an eye cream is especially essential for those over 25. That’s why you should choose appropriate for you eye cream and apply it both in the morning and in the evening

Mistake 4 Not using the right type of skincare cleanser
Before you put any thing on your face, try to find out what skin type you are. Are you oily, dry, combination? It’s extremely important to decipher what your skin type is because you don’t want to risk getting a break out on your face.

To Find out Whats your Skin Type:

Dry Skin: Skin feels tight and dry
No oily t-zone
Skin shows signs of photoageing- wrinkles
Skin may feel flaky or rough
Skin tends to be thin and appears dull

Normal to Dry Skin: Cheeks are dry and skin sometimes feels tight
Minimal oily t-zone, usually on nose only
Skin gets dehydrated
Small blackheads are visible on nose & chin

 Normal to Oily Skin:  Cheeks may be oily or dry
T-zone gets oily by the end of the day
Skin is dehydrated with some dead skin build up
Small blackheads in t-zone
Occasional breakouts

Oily:  Cheeks or face are oily with open pores
T-zone gets oily within hours after cleansing
Bumps under the surface of the skin with dead skin build up
Visible blackheads
Frequent breakouts
Skin tends to be thicker

Acne:   Face is oily soon after cleansing
Could be a mature skin that was once oily
Visible blackheads, whiteheads and open pores
There may be inflammatory lesions and scarring
Problems may also occur on the neck, back or chest
Skin may get red

Sensitive:       Has trouble with environmental factors
Skin reacts to sun, temperature extremes, cosmetics, perfumes etc
May experience rashes, burning sensations and be easily irritated
Has permanent diffused redness particularly on nose, chin & cheeks
Skin tends to be thin and may scar easily
Shows signs of ageing
Can be congested and blemished

 I’ve tried everything from Pond’s to Prescriptives to Proactive products…I’ve tried alot just so I can find something accomadating to my skin. I have combination skin (sometimes dry and oily) and yes, I do break out. I have the most sensitive skin EVER!!!But I’ve found one product that helps me

 The picture above shows a five-piece set of Skintelligence, which is the perfect way to build a lasting foundation for beautiful skin that will last a lifetime. Includes Hydra Derm Deep-Cleansing Emulsion, pH Skin Normalizer, Daily Moisture Enhancer, Cellular Perfecting Complex and Facial Firming Masque. I wear this under my makeup, and it doesn’t give that “sweaty” look that you get after a long day of wearing foundation.  This is by far, the best facial products that I’ve found for sensitive skin. Of course, every one’s skin is different. You just have to find something that suits yours.