Oh Hell No ! I Hiked Where The Zodiac Killer Took The Life of One of His Victims


One of my New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight and ease my way back in to running. My bf and I decided to go hiking at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, California. As soon as we entered the parking lot, already I felt chills down my spine. The park looked dead and for some reason, I felt a negative vibe from it. There were some families there. The park was big and clean, and there were patches of grass around with benches and there was a nice walk way, but again, It didn’t feel ‘right.’ We hiked a mile up into the mountain. By this time, I usually start feeling the adrenaline kick in but I felt out of it. There’s an abandoned house built on stilts right in the middle of the park with boarded up windows. Seems kinda odd. Here is how the park looked like:

ImageAfter that short hike, I went home and decided to do a yelp review when I stumbled up on this:

ImageHoly 5hit! I can’t believe I went hiking where there was an infamous murder by the Zodiac Killer. I’ve watched movies about the Zodiac Killer, read articles and newspaper clippings about it, but to actually be on the same site as the murder that took place some x amount of years ago, it still frightens me. Never will I go to that park ever again. It scares the hell outta me knowing that the Zodiac Killer is out there and he’s probably somewhere in the Bay Area. Damn!