2009 Hair Trends…It’s About Time


Yes, I’ve been away for too long. Much has happened since my last post from a couple of months ago, but now I am ready to start posting away.

Hair trends…yes, this is something we must all keep up to date in this dwindling economy of ours.

Check these trendy styles…

2009 Hair Trends

Okay, this is not my favorite bob. This chic looks like a beat up drug addict. but hey, some people like it. She’s trying to imitate the 1920s flapper look.

Ugly short bob hair cut

Ahh yes, something I totally agree on…Long hair.

2009 Long Hair2009flowinghairstyle2009straighthairstyle

I had to throw in some Kate Moss pictures. She used to be my favorite model of all time since she did the whole Calvin Klein thing.


Think Pink

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Everyone who knows me knows that I love love love pink. I absofuckinlutely adore pink. Trust me- half of my wardrobe in my freakin closet is nothing but pink. This 2009 Spring season is all about Pink…Yes, pink!!!!

London Fashion Show

And check out my favorite celebs wearing pink….  what a happy color!