Look Hot w One of these 3 Easy New Year’s Eve Hair styles


I dont know about you, but after Christmas, I’m always broke from buying presents. New Years Eve is coming up and I want to look good, especially around friends and family , to celebrate. Here, I will show you my top 3 easy hair ‘do’s that is guaranteed to make you look hot.


Mischa Barton’s half-up half-down hair is easy and sexy.

  • Blow dry hair
  • Take some hair from the temples and make sure to secure it at the top crown of your head with some bobby pins.
  • To add some height to your hair, tease the roots a bit
  • Spray some super hold hair spray



One of my favorite pony tails ever! Jessica Simpson’s pony tail is hot for day time and night time look. There’s volume on top of your head (great if you have a round face) and super lustrous down to the tips. This ‘do’ is easy to create .

  • Apply mousse to damp hair and blow dry
  • Back comb the crown to create height
  • Even out the strands in front with comb
  • Tie all the hair into a low pony tail
  • Spray some super hold hair spray



An easy classy way to do hair is to add hair jewelry. You can do any hair ‘do’, whether it’s up, or down, short hair or long hair, adding a piece of hair jewelry will give it that beautiful pizzazz and make people turn their heads. You can find hair jewelry at any drug store and it looks great any way you use it.


Start off the new year with a great ‘do.’ Again, you don’t have to spend a lot to look the part. Try one of these hair ideas.







Miss Piggy For M.A.C…No way…

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Wowzer! This past November, Miss Piggy introduced her signature line to M.A.C…im effin serious! Her line includes mascara, false eyelashes and blush. I am totally all for it and think it’s rah rah awesome!

M.A.C has definitely added some popular celebrities on to their list, including Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige,  and Fergie..and now, Miss. Piggy.Cheers to you, M.A.C. It wouldve been awesome if my icon, Gwen Stefani was into M.A.C  but she’s partnered up with L’oreal.

I give this look 5 stars. Why? You can definitely wear this look during day and night. To bring it to a “night” look, simply apply heavier eyeliner and wear a darker shade of lipstick.

kudos to you , Miss. Piggy.

Love it or hate it????...I LOVE IT!